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Eat To Live Catering & Spa
Save TODAY by Buying 10 one hour Massage sessions.
There is a transportation Fee charged for in home care.

   We have created several spa packages so that you can find which is right for you.
Regardless of the treatment,
You will always experience
The highest quality of Bodywork.
A Licensed Massage Therapist handles every treatment with Ethical compassion, care, and Professional respect.

Karrmas Massage Offers the Following Packages:
 1) *10 Deep Tissue Sessions- $600(Comes with Free Spa Gift)
2) *10 Swedish Massages– $300
 3) * Deep Tissue Sports Massage – $190
 4) *
2Hour Hot Essential Oil Stone Relaxation With a Gourmet Meal- $175
 5) * 90MIN Therapeutic Massage- $130
 6) * 60MIN Massage with Peppermint, TeaTree Foot Soak- $130
 7) * Exfoliating Foot Scrub and 1HR Massage – $130
 8) * Lavender Scrub with 1HR Massage – $130
 9) * 60MIN Deep Tissue- $90
10) * 90MIN Swedish Massage - $75
11) * 30MIN Chair Massage $45
12) * 30Min Hand and Foot Massage (Reflexology)- $45
1st Time Client - $30 Introductory Session
Our spa packages are designed to
treat the mind,
body & spirit .
Indulge in one of our spa packages,
which combine some of our most popular treatments.
Our goal is to provide You
 with a healthy,&
Professional experience.